SARAR C.C.S Fashion Designers Hosted Gazil
30 Ocak 2013 10:58

SARAR C.C.S fashion designers hosted Gazil

              Gazi University, Vocational School of Technical Sciences on Friday 04/01/2013 Beypazarı Design Department of Fashion Design Program students, technical knowledge into practice, the sector in order to observe the structure and workflow, SARAR Clothing Textile Energy Sanayi ve Ticaret AS. And SARAR Spinning-Weaving-Printing & Home Textile Industry organized coach trip. Section 4 lecturers and 27 students participated in the trip.

             Factory trip, departments, accompanied by information on the Protocol Manager Aladdin Shepherd observed. In addition, Cemalettin SARAR SARAR Group Chairman, business and professional lives of the students shared their experiences, thoughts stated that employment in the field of textiles and clothing, and reminded the students that their professional responsibilities towards our country.

             Quality and exclusive designs from each other in 49 different countries and 5 continents, the company guiding the technical trip to the winds of fashion, students are provided the opportunity to see closely with many special machine.

             SARAR Spinning-Weaving-Printing & Home Textile factory behavior of the students raw fabrics, dyeing, finishing and printing processes, such as chemicals to be followed, of course. Theoretical knowledge acquired during the period relevant information to the students during the implementation stage of this trip to follow the stated information expressed pekiştirdiklerini. Technical visit in the city center after the time passed, and Badger made a short stroll around the trip of Tea has been ended.